Our Program


We have a mixed age group ranging from 2.9 to 5 years old.

School Hours:

We offer both full-time and part-time schedules. Choose 8:00 or 9:00 drop-off and 12:30, 3:30 or 5:30 pick-up times. You may choose a three, four or five day schedule. Drop-off and pick-up times may vary on different days.

Teacher Ratio:

We have 30 children in the morning, 26 children in the afternoon and up to 14 in the late afternoon. We maintain a 1:7 teacher-to-child ratio.

Our Space

The layout and aesthetic design of our space is very important to us. The environment acts as another teacher by presenting the children with many rich learning experiences. We believe it should feel like home with cozy spaces and a feeling of ownership. The space needs to provide opportunities for big energy but also places that invite quiet time with a friend or even allow for alone time. The space should be full of light and natural materials, creating a place where curiosity and wonder are encouraged.

We have two light filled classrooms which open out on to our large play yard. One classroom is a dedicated art room. The other classroom has many distinct spaces and is ever-changing. It includes a loft, a writing area, a book corner, a light table, and the always-popular hammock. In the play yard you will find a large sandbox, a climbing structure, lots of room for bike riding and ball playing, a treehouse, a garden and our special wilderness area named by the children: The Bongo. Lastly, we have a very large room down a few stairs that contains a kitchen play area with many dress-up options, a large block area and plenty of room for movement activities. This is also where we gather as a community for circle time, where we do cooking projects and where we eat snack and lunch. Since we have a mixed-age setting, all spaces are available to all the children.

Our Staff

The Monteverde teachers thrive in a collaborative environment that allows them to bring their individual gifts and talents while partnering with the children to become a community of learners. Our teachers come from many different countries and cultures. We are dancers and potters, storytellers and yogis, gardeners and singers. We speak Spanish and Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese. From this diversity comes a rich pool of talent to share. Our role as teachers is to thoughtfully support children's curiosity and process of discovery - trusting children in the learning process.

Monteverde is committed to on-going professional development. We participate in weekly staff meetings, attend local and regional seminars and workshops and in 2009 we participated in a week-long study of the principals of the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education in Reggio Emilia, Italy. We brought our enthusiasm and knowledge back to share with our families, but also with our Bay Area colleagues when we hosted a Reggio Roundtable for educators in March 2012. We believe that the best teachers never stop being learners.

Lisa, Jennaba, Elaine, Aidan, Leila, Jamaica Tristen, Mila, Akiko

"Monteverde is a community where I can nurture children with words and hugs and laps, where people truly care about one another, where children and adults have freedom to make choices, where stories are told that I like to hear, where songs are sung and embraced, where materials and the environment inspires exploration and learning, where I am appreciated by parents and children, where I am trusted to create my own projects and curriculum, where emotional awareness and growth is highly valued, where wonder constantly happens, where children and teachers feel heard, seen and loved, where I felt fortunate to send my daughter and where she still loves to be, where I was a parent, am a teacher and would love to have been as a child."

- Jamaica